In Germany, the piss wars have begun

St. Pauli, a one-square-mile area of Hamburg that attracts nearly 20 million visitors a year, has had a decades-long problem of drunk people pissing all over it. Now, some locals are fighting fire with fire by coating the bottoms of the buildings with water-repelling paint.

The result is simple: anyone who tries to piss on one of these buildings ends up with a serious splash-back problem.

The group responsible, known as IG St. Pauli, said that they’re simply tired of local law enforcement’s inability to do anything about what the Germans apparently call “wildpinklers.” As one member so eloquently told The Guardian, “Prohibitions and fines do scarcely anything, so we decided to solve the problem our own way. Now, St Pauli pees back.” That last sentence should absolutely be their official motto, by the way.

The group has also put up plenty of signs on these buildings asking people to please piss in the appropriate places (i.e. toilets) instead of all over the town. There aren’t as many signs as there are painted buildings though, so if you were planning on heading over there and just letting loose where there are no warnings, be warned that you are still not safe from accidentally marking yourself.

The special paint is known as Ultra-Ever Dry and is supposed to last for about a year. So maybe the good folks drinking in St. Pauli would do well to use bathrooms for the rest of 2015. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a permanent habit.

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