House to subpoena Hillary Clinton’s emails

The House Select Committee on Benghazi is preparing to send out subpoenas to obtain all emails on Hillary Clinton’s privately-operated server,, related to the 2012 terrorist attack in Libya. The move comes after the server’s existence was revealed by the AP on Wednesday, and the wire service reported that Clinton had used it to transmit and receive both personal and work emails during her time as secretary of state.

Using her own server would have provided Clinton, already under fire for exclusively using personal email to conduct official business, with “additional legal opportunities to block government or private subpoenas in criminal, administrative or civil cases,” which will now be tested by the House Committee.

The server was traced by the AP to an internet service registered to Clinton’s family home in Chappaqua, New York, under the name Eric Hoteham, who doesn’t seem to exist.

While the legality of Clinton’s exclusive-use of a personal email address as secretary of state was, and remains, up-for-debate, the ethical implications with regard to transparency are more plainly visible, and it seems the House Committee agrees. Why does Clint0n feel the need to conduct her communications in such a secretive way? Sure, as the AP notes, other politicians like Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin have been caught conducting official business on secret email accounts (though, notably not on private servers), but how does that help her out at all? They both wanted to be president, too!

Sorry, Hill-dawg. Looks like you got a #Gate on your hands.

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