Hall & Oates sue Haulin’ Oats cereal company

If there’s one thing that mall soul musicians Hall & Oates hate, it’s breakfast cereals that make puns with their names. At least, that’s what one can glean from the news that the duo are suing Early Bird Foods & Co. for making a “Haulin’ Oats” breakfast cereal. Say it isn’t so.

While it would make most people’s dreams come true to have a cereal named after them, not for Hall and Oates — maybe they’re just out of touch? It doesn’t seem like they really have a case. Other than the pun, the cereal doesn’t make any other explicit reference to the band.


The cereal in question is a nut-free “back-to-basics flavor” with maple syrup and oats, that is “perfect as the base for a breakfast parfait creation” and likely makes a few people, some of whom are named Sara, smile. But according to their attorney, who no doubt has had an adult education, the singers can’t go for that (no can do), because it’s an unacceptable “phonetic play on Daryl Hall and John Oates’ well-known brand name.”

Neither musician has commented on the lawsuit, nor has the cereal company, perhaps because some things are better left unsaid.

[h/t AV Club]