Men peeing on beehive get their dicks stung

After a bus traveling on a highway in Vietnam’s central province of Quang Ngai pulled over so that the male passengers could relieve themselves, one man decided to tempt fate by peeing directly onto a nearby beehive. Now, bees aren’t typically known for being laid-back creatures with a rep for letting threats, offenses and minor inconveniences slide.

According to The Metro, the swarm decided to fight back and stung 22 men in the process, mostly in the genitals. Some men also suffered a fever along with injuries to their hands and their faces and had to be hospitalized.

It seems like it would go without saying that if you taunt a swarming beehive, retribution is typically swift and painful. I guess these men and their genitals had to find out firsthand. Plus, peeing on another living creature is just rude. We’re gonna have to side with the bees on this one.

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