Dumb hazing could cost frat pledge four fingers

A 20-year-old pledge at the Syracuse University chapter of the Nu Alpha Phi fraternity suffered frostbite in a recent hazing incident that could cost him 2/5 of his fingers.

Both 19-year-old Tae Kim and 21-year-old Jeffery Yam were arrested on a misdemeanor charge of first degree hazing after forcing three pledges to — among other exercises — do push-ups in the snow without gloves on for not doing their chores properly. This was unusual for Nu Alpha Phi, but only because punishments are usually dolled out in the attic of the frat house.

The three pledges were given hand warmers when they were done with their exercises and told to walk back to the frat house. After running his hands under warm water, the unidentified pledge was still in tremendous pain. He went to the hospital the next day and doctors informed him that he had severe frostbite and might lose both of his ring and pinky fingers.

Police said the other two pledges involved in the incident have refused to cooperate with the investigation, presumably out of some sense of, well, fraternity. After all, what’s more important: The health, safety, and well being of a fellow human being, or the opportunity to host dope parties?

In the wake of this incident, the university has suspended the fraternity.

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