Local news cuts to traffic reporter ordering McDonald’s

Local news is a treasure trove of on air goofs and gaffes. Sometimes it seems like a news broadcast operates with about as much professionalism as a grade school Thanksgiving pageant. That being said, this Baltimore-area Fox news affiliate’s botched weather report fits right into the rich tradition of local news bloopers.

Here we see Fox 45 weather reporter Candace Dold cutting to traffic reporter “Traffic Jam Jimmy” and his fabulous orange beard for a report on, what else, traffic. Instead, we’re treated to what “Traffic Jam Jimmy” is ordering from the McDonald’s drive-thru.

“Hey Candace, we’re live? Whoops!” he said, live on air. “Hey, I’ve been in the car since 4 o’clock. I’m starvin’. I’m just gettin’ somethin’ real quick” Then a quick shout at the drive-through attendant “Hey! Is it too early to get a fish sandwich?!”

Kudos to the station for having a sense of humor about the unintentional comedy gold, completely owning the awkward moment, and posting it to its YouTube page.

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