Sinkhole attempts to devour dog

Usually when sinkholes open up they swallow trivial things like houses and major intersections. Now these evil portals to hell have gone too far. A small sinkhole opened up underneath a dog that was out for a walk in a park in Arlington, Virginia. The dog was apparently unharmed after being pulled/climbing out of the hole.

According to one commenter who claimed to be the dog’s owner, it was an 80-pound pitbull that was wearing a leash that clips onto the front and back of the dog, so there was no fear of the dog being hurt by the leash. She went on to explain, “As I struggled to save him and keep him calm (he seemed to be handling it better than I was), he was able to swing towards me and get his paws on the top and climb out.”

It’s been decided by a colleague and I that this dog and the attempted stowaway Chihuahua should meet up and become best friends. Let’s make it happen, people.