8 injured from roof collapse at ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ bash

On Saturday morning, everybody got fucked up during a “St. Fratty’s Day” block party near the campus of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. They got so fucked up, in fact, that they didn’t bother to, like, use their knowledge from physics to know that 30 people raging on top of a rickety frat house isn’t going to end well. Wait. That’s a physics thing, yes?

No matter: As YouTube commenter runawayuniverse puts it, “If you’re at an event called “St. Fratty’s Day,’ you deserve to fall through a roof.” Fair enough.

NBC Los Angeles reported that eight people were injured with boo-boos ranging from splinters to bruises. Four people were rushed to the hospital, and the local fire department (pictured below) rushed to the scene to inspect whatever permanent stains of bongwater and Yuengling caused further damage to the garage. Results are still not back from the lab, but we’ll keep you posted.


[h/t Gawker | NBC Los Angeles | video: Mustang News]