Man named Gooch steals his OKCupid date’s car

At this point, the stigma around internet dating is all but gone, but that’s not to say that the practice isn’t without its headaches. As far as disappointments go, the best case scenario is that the guy won’t look anything like his picture. The worst case scenario, aside from like, murder, is that a dude you never met asks you to wire him hundreds or thousands of dollars overseas. Somewhere in between those two extremes is the possibility that you might have to have the fire department demolish your entire chimney because a woman you met online decided to break into your house via shimmying down your chimney and got stuck.

In the case of an unfortunate south Jersey woman, you meet a guy who calls himself ” Gooch” off of OKCupid and bring him home — only to have him steal your jewelry and your car the minute you turn your back.

According to WABC-TV, the unnamed woman met 53-year-old Gerald Tietz, who was going by the name Gennaro “Gooch” Aladena of Atlantic City, New Jersey, at a sports bar  in Atco, New Jersey, and apparently liked him enough to take him home with her. Unfortunately, the love connection was short-lived given that police say Gooch took off with her 2007 Toyota Solara. All things considered, that 15 percent enemy ranking seems a little conservative. Fortunately, with a vanity license plate like JSRYGRL, the car should have been easy to spot considering that it didn’t take long to arrest Tietz.

According to the police, he also went by the alias “Mike Rossman,” but he’ll always be Gooch to us.

So, I guess the takeaway here is that when you’re dating online,  be on the look out for a 5’9 bald man who has no qualms with stealing your car along with your heart.

[h/t Gawker]

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