Bag of air from Kanye West concert hits $60k on eBay

It seems almost every week, an even more bizarre piece of music memorabilia finds its way to some sort of auction block. Along with historical items like Elvis’ first recording and Bob Dylan’s lyrics, more unique things like John Lennon’s teeth and Sia Furler’s breath have fetched respectable prices. Topping them all was an eBay user by the name of Strageedon1, who got bids in excess of $60,000 dollars for a bag of air purportedly from a Kanye West concert.

Though the seller did not offer any proof that he was actually at any Kanye show, the description stated that at the show he, “held the bag open and sealed air in.” The seller also wrote “Air From Kanye Show” in Sharpie on the bag, so that it would not be confused with air from some less valuable a location.


The post has now disappeared from eBay, though whether it was due to being sold or some sort of eBay rule that prevents a naturally occurring gas to be sold remains to be seen. However, a number of copycat postings have appeared, some fetching a few hundred dollars, while others are having trouble getting any bids at all.

It goes without saying that purchasing air is outright absurd unless you’re President Skroob, but even if the $60,000 bid was pulled, the fact that anyone would even jokingly want such an item is a sad commentary on our celebrity culture.

Kayne has yet to weigh in on the air from one of his shows being used for profit, but if there’s one thing we can count on, it’s that he WILL have an opinion sometime soon, and chances are it will involve how he feels exploited, and that he deserves a fair cut of any money made on these bags of hot air.

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