Cosby threatens ‘I’m far from finished’ while wearing his finest pajamas

In a bizarre video message delivered exclusively to ABC News, Bill Cosby essentially let his remaining fans know that he’s not boing to let the sexual assault accusations of a mere 39 women (as tallied by People magazine) get in the way of his scheduled stand-up dates.

In a brief 10-second video clip, Cosby steals a page from the Hugh Hefner playbook and wears a pair of what looks like silk pajamas while he records a (rotary!) phone call to an unknown person, presumably a fan or fan stand-in where he gleefully plugs upcoming stand-up dates.

“Dear fans, I hope you enjoy my wonderful video message that’s filled with laughter,” the 77-year-old shared in his video message. “Hey, hey, hey, I’m far from finished.”

Far from finished performing or far from finished being a threat to women?

Plus, if there’s anything that restores confidence in a disgraced celebrity, it’s a refusal to put on real pants and actually look at the camera while addressing the public.

In the brief clip, Cosby doesn’t address the growing number of women coming forward to accuse him of drugging and then raping them, including a former Jane Doe who recently broke her silence to share a disturbing story of how the comedian demanded that she pretend to be a queen while she had oatmeal smeared all over her face. However, not addressing the accusations head-on, but letting others, like his wife Camille Cosby do it for him, seems to be the accused serial rapist’s preferred PR tactic.

[h/t The Frisky]