Colombian mayor hires male strippers for International Women’s Day celebration

Mayor Alfredo Garcia of the central Colombia town of Anzoategui didn’t seem to get what International Women’s Day was all about when he hired two pieces of beefcake to strip down in front of a crowd gathered to celebrate gender equality.

“They could have hired workshops or lectures for the family. Instead they brought us naked men,” one woman complained to Spanish language newspaper El Tiempo, via Colombia Reports.

Other annoyed attendees complained that the entertainment was too sexually charged for a crowd that included children and families.

In addition to the fact that the entertainment was highly inappropriate, the town ombudsman is angry that the strippers cost the town $7,000 despite the fact that the town is in considerable financial need.

After the act didn’t go over so well, the mayor is now trying to pass the buck by claiming that he signed a contract presented to him by the festivities’ organizers that he didn’t carefully read and was therefore unaware that he essentially consented to nearly naked men to gyrate on people during a holiday that is supposed to empower women. Isn’t it a bitch when a bunch of strippers are hired, written into a contract, show up, perform and no one knows exactly how they got there?

“I signed the contract but didn’t know what the show consisted of. To be honest, I was completely unaware that muscular men would dance in their underwear,” Garcia told El Tiempo.

The mayor’s son even tried to cover for his dad by telling local media that the show stopped as soon as he realized that the men were beginning to take their clothes off. However, the video below shows that’s definitely not what happened.

Next time, Garcia might want to get a better read of his audience.

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