Man accidentally kills himself with cannon

In Northland, New Zealand, a 74-year-old weapons collector accidentally killed himself on Sunday from cannon fire.

Authorities concluded that when Derek Allan Kelly (pictured) attempted to take a cannon of his off of the bed of his truck and onto the ground (sometimes you gotta move your cannons), the artillery had fired off a 40mm round that ended the man’s life. who accidentally shot himself with a cannon was a trained firearms instructor who had been around weapons all his life. Derek Allan Kelly, 74, a gun collector from near Dargaville, was killed on Sunday afternoon by what police described as a small, single-shot cannon.

His wife was present at the time, and police described her state as “very distressed,” which would make sense.

Kelly will be missed. “You’d go a long way to find as nice a guy as Derek,” according to friend Barry Shine. “It’s an absolute tragedy, and my thoughts are with his wife and family.”

The victim was an active member of something called the New Zealand Antique & Historical Arms Association, a community obsessed with antique weaponry that sometimes goes off when you don’t want it to.

[h/t Arbroath]