A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd, Erykah Badu to headline Roots festival

Though they may have been one of the last festivals to announce their headliners, The Roots’ 8th annual Picnic Festival might just be the most exciting batch of performers set to assemble later this spring. Taking place on May 30 in Philadelphia, A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd and the always extraordinary Erykah Badu will take the stage, and along with The Roots, this might just be the best lineup you’ll find in 2015.

Other acts on the bill range from Aussie electro-groove-funk masters Hiatus Kaiyote to the legendary Afrika Bambaataa. Speaking directly to the diversity in the lineup, Questlove said it was very purposeful, and that he enjoys, “eeing someone who bought a ticket for one act, discover the music of an unexpected artist. I’m sure there will be some A$AP Rocky fans that will dig Hiatus Kaiyote or some Weeknd fans that will discover Chronixx and vice versa.”

While it is the 8th incarnation of the festival, it has been noticeably smaller than the likes of Lollapalooza or Cochella, and for many this led to better performances and a more enjoyable overall experience. However, after last year’s show sold out to unending accolades, Roots manager Shawn Gee stated that it was necessary to “add a 3rd stage” which “allows us to book more bands, and increases our capacity by up to 50 percent.” Obviously this in turn generates more income and allows for a larger selection of top acts to perform.

The fact that every act will perform on the single date, one can only hope and assume that there will be a number of guest appearances, as the thought of Erykah Badu jamming with Hiatus Kaiyote is nothing short of a musical dream for those familiar with both acts. Regardless, the sheer level of talent that will occupy the Philadelphia Festival Pier makes it an absolute must-go situation for any music lover, and the ideal way to kick off the summer concert season.

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