Exclusive: Stream Bay Uno debut album ‘Catalina’

In case you caught indie folk singer-songwriter Bay Uno’s “Wait for Your Love” video on the EW site and had a hankering for more from this charming weirdo, you’re in luck. On Tuesday, Bay Uno released a stream of his debut album ‘Catalina’ which is available for purchase on iTunes and on Bay’s site.

The songs were locked away in Bay’s head for years until Earl Greyhound’s Matt Whyte (who also produced the record) coaxed him into getting the tracks down in a series of bedroom recordings, complete with a horn section and everything.

Bay, a is endlessly fascinated with bodies of water, including the shores of his native Catalina, California, and that obsession is lovingly rendered on the record.

“Anyone that knows me knows that I am obsessed with bodies of water and I will swim at any chance,” said Bay. “I will try to talk you into swimming with me, and you will say, ‘No way, it’s freezing.’ Then I will do anything it takes to get you to follow me into the water.”

[Image: Ben Heller]