Dennis Hopper’s final film stuck in Kickstarter limbo

Forced into production limbo after the passing of leading man Dennis Hopper in 2010, “The Last Film Festival” is looking for a resurrection and release via the last hope for many a cinematic crisis: Kickstarter.

Director Linda Yellen is on a quest to find her final $90k, sans the demands of studio executives. The goal is for a release to coincide with the five-year anniversary of the star’s death, this May.

The film’s premise is one that strikes a familiar, if not painful, chord with fledgling and dwindling stars alike. Rejection from the major leagues forcing your premiere into the realm of a relatively unknown, lesser festival.

Set at the “O’Hi Film Festival,” the dark comedy has Hopper playing the role of a desperate producer trying to fund a flop. Cast includes Jacqueline Bisset, Donnell Rawlings, Chris Kattan, and Leelee Sobieski.

Below is the Kickstarter video:

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