Chick-Fil-A to open first NYC location

Chick-Fil-A threatened promised last year that they were headed to the Big Apple which, no surprise, wasn’t exactly welcome news to the city’s large LGBT community.

In 2011, the fast food eatery was blasted for its support of Proposition 8, and for having donated millions to right-wing groups that were anti same-sex marriage. CEO Dan Cathy only made matters worse by defending his staunch, ultra-conservative views in the media, causing a number of politicians to promise to block the franchise from opening in their market.

It seems Cathy learned his lesson, last year noting it was wrong to drag the business into the marriage debate. He even got himself his very own gay friend in gay right’s advocate Shane Windmeyer. This epiphany coincidently coincided with the company’s big city dreams.

The company also stopped funding organizations like the marriage & Family Foundation and the National ChristianFoundation, which received $3.6 Million between 2010 and 2011.

This summer, Chick-Fil-A’s three-story, fried chicken mecca will open at 1000 6th Avenue. The  5,000 sq. foot location won’t be open Sundays (because church), but we bet they’d be open to a big, gay welcome the other six days of the week. Since they’re cooler about the whole gay thing now, it’s only right we provide you with the locations of the gay bars closest to their new spot. You’re welcome.


Big Apple Ranch 25 W 31st St

Lips 227 E 56th St

XES Lounge 157 W 54th St

Therapy 348 W 52nd St

Uncle Charlies 149 E 45th St

Barracuda 275 W 22nd St

Barrage 554 W 28th St

Boxers NYC 37 W 20th St

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