Rare Joan Rivers comedy album being re-released for Record Store Day

After being out of print for 45 years, “The Next to Last Joan Rivers Album” is coming back for Record Store Day 2015. Rivers recorded the album back in 1968 and released it in 1969. It has since been remastered and will be available for the first time ever on CD, which is still a thing people buy it seems?

The reissue comes courtesy of Stand Up! Records and will feature an eight page booklet that includes an essay by Sarah Silverman, liner notes from Kilph Nesteroff of WFMU, and photos from Look Magazine’s John Shearer.

For fans of the late comic, it will provide them an opportunity to hear material they may not have ever even known existed. For those who only knew her as that old lady who made fun of dresses on the red carpet, hopefully this will make them realize that the reason she was famous in the first place was for being a stand up who was funny as hell.

I know I made fun of CDs up there, but I’m actually happy this isn’t a vinyl release. Stop buying new comedy albums on vinyl. The supposed better sound quality doesn’t make the jokes any funnier.

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