Florida woman blames impulsive home purchase on diet pills

An Orlando woman is trying to halt the sale of a home she bought on RealAuction.com  because she was hopped up on diet pills when she made the purchase. According to Mary McKaig, she was suffering from impaired judgment when she bid on the home on February 19, due to the prescription phentermine she began taking that same day.

McKaig filed an objection with an Orange County court after learning the foreclosed property owed almost $16,000 in back fees and fines. Her lawyer, whose name I’m assuming is Capt. Obvious, stated she didn’t discover the mortgage until after the sale even though she was solely responsible for researching the property prior to her bid.

Both the homeowners association and RealAuction.com agree with her attorney that McKaig did shotty research, which isn’t their problem — nor reason enough to dispute the sale. They also accurately point out that phentermine is an appetite suppressant, which does not alter one’s judgment or cause them to do insane things like buy houses or choose to live in Florida in the first place.

Lloyd McClendon, CEO of the site, also pointed out to ABC News that McMckaig deposited $120,000 in her escrow account back in November with the intent of buying the home, and that the diet pill defense seemed like “convenient excuse” for poor due diligence.

While the phentermine website does list clumsiness and confusion as a rare side effect, the homeowner’s association points out that potential adverse reactions, include nausea, irritability, dizziness, psychosis. Ironically, so does living in Florida.

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