Everybody keeps throwing pizzas on the ‘Breaking Bad’ house rooftop

Vince Gilligan would really like it if you stopped throwing pizzas. More specifically, stop throwing them onto the roof of Walter White’s house in Albuquerque, N.M.

You see, even though Walter White is a fictional person, the house is real. So is the poor couple who lives there. And neither they, nor Vince, find your pizza tossing bullshit very funny or original.

Gilligan pleaded with fans to knock if off when he appeared on the “Better Call Saul” podcast. Fans used to be respectful, but lately  not so much. And we agree with Vince when he says it’s “uncool”. Not just to the people that live in the house, but to pizza.

First of all, this is pizza abuse. You don’t throw pizza, ever. Secondly, if you keep tossing pizzas on this poor couple’s roof, Jonathan Banks, aka “Mike Ehrmantraut,” will hunt you down and beat your ass. His words, not ours. Have you seen Jonathan Banks? Does he look like he can’t kick your ass? Dude totally looks like the kind of guy who will punch you because it’s Tuesday.

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