Monstrous alligator chills on Florida golf course like he owns it

Last week, golfers at Englewood, Florida’s Myakka Pines Golf Course were approaching hole number seven when this massive dinosaur alligator decided it was a good time to chill out on the grass and get a little sun. The golf course then posted the picture of the monster, taken by club member Dick Huber, onto its official Facebook page, where it then went viral.

According to ESPN, the club was built on swamp land, so a gator deciding to stretch his legs out on the green is pretty much par for the course.

“We think this gator is 12 or 13 feet,” the club’s manager Mickie Zada said. “We had one that lived here for years, his name was Big George, who was probably 15 feet long.”

Of course, gator sightings are apparently part of the appeal of joining the golf course, especially when it is sunny out. The gators are pretty popular with people who aren’t afraid of giant flesh-eating monsters who don’t seem to mind that they can’t play through once an alligator decides to lounge around a course. In fact, Myakka Pines Golf Course is expected an upswing in business after photos of the gator spread across the internet. It takes a special kind of crazy to pay money to be close to an animal that could crush your bones with its jaws.

Comments on the local news station WPTV’s coverage of the gator make it seem like spotting a gator on a golf course is about as common for Floridians as seeing a snowflake in December for those of us in the northeast. Given all the horrifying animals just chilling out like it’s no big deal, Florida is effectively the Australia of the Northern Hemisphere.

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