Serial crapper wanted for pooping on 19 cars

Since 2012, Akron, Ohio has been under siege by a rogue pooper who has been known to crap on and sometimes in people’s cars. If the “poopetrator” is feeling particularly mischievous, he’ll even smear his feces all over the car.

As you can imagine the citizens of Akron have had enough and one brave hero set up a camera in order to catch the fecal terrorist.

“He messed with the wrong guy,” an unnamed man told local media. For this man, the Poopetrator’s reign of terror is personal considering that the suspect crapped on his daughter’s car a grand total of six times.

The camera set-up was able to snap a shot of the man in action at about 4 a.m. on Tuesday. Although the secret shitter was used to operating under the cover of night, he’s clearly caught off guard by the camera flash.

Now that local law enforcement has a picture, Lt. Rick Edwards told Akron Beacon Journal that authorities are ready to “sniff this out.”

Godspeed, officer.


[HuffPost | uncensored photo: The Smoking Gun]