Cop chokes two douchebags on video during Florida spring break

As much as I love to fetishize over the dilapidation of our society (WorldStar is kind of the best, admit it), the abuse of law enforcement is clearly no joke. In the case of a recent arrest made in Pinella Count, Florida, in which sheriff deputy Sergeant Bryan Bingham was video-recorded while detaining a pair of twenty-nothings for fighting on the beach, one has to wonder. Bingham is being called out and criticized (at least in YouTube and LiveLeak comment threads) for excessive force — he chokes both suspects — and for which there is no excuse. And yet, can’t one empathize to some degree with Bingham’s situation, no?

On one hand, obv, cops shouldn’t fucking choke anyone; on the other, he’s all alone. On the beach. Surrounded by drunk assholes. It’s like that scene in “Black Hawk Down” when the guy’s back is broken? Eh. Maybe not.

The two suspects, 25-year-olds Joshua McMahan and Justin Lewis are now looking at charges related to battery on a police officer as well as disorderly conduct. Anyway, I’m going to lunch. BRB.

[h/t The Free Thought Project | video: j0hnny]