Desperate man tries to win back ex by riding on hood of her car

If this video’s title is to be believed, here’s a guy who, in a desperate attempt to win back his ex-girlfriend after getting dumped, has jumped on to the hood of her moving car in the middle of a busy street.

Is it a hoax? It is a little suspicious that the driver filming had his camera out and ready to capture the whole scene, that it was uploaded by someone named “Mr Viral,” and the heartbroken guy’s tormented screams feel a little rehearsed, but it’s hard to determine for sure. With that caveat, which honestly considering all the constant hoaxes online, probably goes without saying, we’ll let you be the judge.

But: There’s nothing like a loud display of public insanity to convince someone that they’ve made the best decision in their life. Just keep on driving, anonymous-and-possibly-fake-ex-girlfriend, until you get far enough west, where you can finally start your new life. You’re free now.

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