Introducing: Jordan Freiman, Weekend Editor

Some of you may already recognize Jordan Freiman’s name from the occasional freelance post for us. If not, then you’ll definitely be sick of seeing it by Monday morning. But, first, here’s a little about the first individual to assume the position of Death and Taxes’s Weekend Editor, effective immediately. The producer/editor for the comedy tools at Covert Bacon cut his chompers in funny video land when he interned at “Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell.” (It was “easily my favorite piece of work history,” the shaggy Jersey-ite gchatted earlier today, “because most people didn’t know that show even existed.”) But, prior to his bagel runs for the FXX series, I crossed virtual paths with Freiman in 2011 when we blogged under the tutelage of internet drill sergeant Neetzan Zimmerman at The Daily What.

It was a gruesome summer at the Cheezburger Network property — a small platoon of typists brutalized by hundreds of URLs, thousands of hyperlinks, and an infinite number of copy-edits over AIM messenger. Eyeballs went bloodshot. Pubes were lost. Ulcers got infected. But, in the end, the Zimmerman’s aggregation boot camp was an experience that, while I did not simultaneously suffer alongside Freiman (our stints at TDW barely overlapped), I knew it was one that made him into an equally soulless, dependable web hound with zero attention span and the desire for more money. For these reasons, he was honestly the first person who came to mind when we decided to expand regular coverage into Saturdays and Sundays.

So, Jordan, it’s all yours. Here are the keys to the Camry. Enjoy yourself, but not too much. Don’t blow out the speakers. And leave the seat settings alone. It took Maggie months to find just the right recliner angle.

[photo: Judah Gross/Flickr]

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