Rough week for Hillary: Subpoenas and security woes

After stating in a United Nations press conference Tuesday that the reasoning behind using a personal email account was for the “convenience” of not having to carry two phones, Hillary Clinton assured reporters that there had “been no security breaches” and that there were “robust protections” in place on her private server.

Apparently, though, this was not always the case.

Security experts at Venafi, an email security software company, analyzed Clinton’s server activity over the time she was in office and found that, during her first three months running the State Department, Clinton didn’t encrypt her emails or use a certificate. During that period, Clinton travelled to China, Egypt, Israel, South Korea, and other locations outside the U.S., and it’s likely that some of her communications could have been intercepted.

This comes as a House Select Committee on Benghazi led by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) has issued a subpoena for all of Clinton’s State Department emails, and at least two other House committees have plans to jump into the mix as well. Gowdy’s committee is also exploring their ability to subpoena Clinton’s entire server, which the former Secretary of State has said she would not allow.

Maybe it actually would’ve been more convenient in the long run to just have used two phones.

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