Mom leaves baby in search of perfect donut

A California mom forgot her five-month-old baby in a donut shop after learning they didn’t have the donut she was looking for. The woman and her cousin went to Golden Donuts in National City craving a specific kind of donut, which the store didn’t have. So they kept on trucking, this time to Yum Yum Donuts in Spring Valley, in pursuit of the ideal donut.

Listen, I know plenty of new moms that get a serious case of baby brain and forget little shit all the time, so I want to give this woman benefit of the doubt. However, there was a second adult with her, so why the shit wasn’t she reminding her friend that Golden Donuts isn’t a daycare and the baby had to come with? Aside from that, I have a couple other questions.

I need to know what kind of donut we’re talking about here. In NYC people lose their shit over Cronuts, but I doubt Golden Donuts or Yum Yum Donuts are the type of establishments that sell something that takes pastry chefs more than a day to make. And how delicious is said donut that someone’s willing to drive 20 minutes to an entirely different donut shop? I’ve read the Yelp reviews¬†for both, and Golden Donuts seems to be the better of the two. So either this woman had questionable taste in donuts or she left the baby on purpose because she couldn’t find a sitter.

[NBC San Diego]

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