Zach Galifianakis impersonator makes $250,000 a year

Former hotel manager Thaddeus Kalinoski makes $250,000 a year just for basically existing. Thaddeus is making bank all due to the mega success of comedian Zach Galifianakis, because the two are basically twinsies.

They didn’t always look so much alike. Kalinoski’s transition was not so much planned as it was merely a by product of depression after his wife left him, which resulted in him gaining 20 pounds and growing a beard because he basically ran out of fucks to give. But in his misery came a stroke of genius, because Thad realized he looked exactly like Alan from “The Hangover.” He now makes $1,000 a night impersonating everyone’s favorite Wolf Pack member at various corporate and private events.

Apparently Thad’s Alan is so spot-on, that he even landed a role in “The Hangover III” as Galifianakis’s body double. You may not have known that since pretty much no one saw that shitty movie. But good for Thad getting paid! Thad not only makes bank, but he’s treated like an actual celeb in Vegas, complete with VIP access to clubs and free drinks.

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