Naked man sets houses on fire, bangs on doors to look for ‘next wife’

As if the 48-year-old Floridian who flashed his junk in a Target parking lot “to find a lady” wasn’t charming enough, now it seems a little competition is among the practicing perverts in our declining society. And that competition’s name is Alex Chambrello of Wolcott, Connecticut.

local Fox News affiliate reported that the 23-year-old (see photo) went on a rampage, which included setting houses ablaze and wrecking cars in a residential area, in order to find his “next wife.”

As if it would take any time at all, right? Unfortunately, the Connecticut man was halted by Wolcott police.

“Being I was right there, I pulled into the complex and sure enough there was a gentleman there who we later arrested,” police chief Edward Stephens told local news. “His pants were down, his exposed buttocks covered with tattoos, banging on doors.”

Well at least he’s got a strategy, Stephens! But now that Chambrello is facing arson charges as well as a cruelty to animals charge (a cat died in a house fire), there’s no way he’ll find his mate. Do you know how time-consuming a criminal defense trial can be?

Ladies, Chambrello will be in court on March 13.

[h/t Mirror UK]

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