Those Darlins, Diarrhea Planet releasing split 12″

Fellow Nashville rockers Those Darlins and Diarrhea Planet┬átoured together in February of last year, and then later met up at Pickathon. The bands recorded their sets at the three-day Oregon music festival, and are now releasing the recordings on a split 12″ via Easy Sound Records. The live album is set to come out Record Store Day, April 18.

This will be the first in a monthly series of releases being put together by Pickathon. The “vinyl-only, limited-pressing” run will highlight the variety of performances that have occurred at the festival over its 15 years of existence.

Those Darlins’ half of the record contains a cover of “Sweet Sweet Heart,” by the Vibrators. That track, along with Diarrhea Planet’s “Kids,” can be streamed below. You can also check out the full track listing for the album.

(Side A) Diarrhea Planet
1 Spooners
2 Seperations > Raft Nasty
3 Kids
4 Warm Ridin’
5 Ghost With A Boner

(Side B) Those Darlins
1 Red Light Love
2 Drive
3 Sweet Sweet Heart
4 Mystic Mind
5 She Blows
6 That Man

[h/t Brooklyn Vegan]