Colorado drug dealers raise $2.3 million for schools

While the debate over legalization continues in much of the country, Colorado, at the forefront of both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries, is reaping the benefits of the high life. This January, the state saw sales at recreational dispensaries double since last year’s legalization, to the tune of $36.4 million dollars. That number on its own is staggering, but what do we tell the children about drugs now?

We should tell them that all those stoners raised $2.3 million dollars for public schools, via an excise tax earned from marijuana sales earmarked specifically for education.

And that’s just one month.

Dispensaries have been slowly opening across the state, but according to Jamie Perino owner of Euflora, a recreational dispensary, a good portion of the sales jumps are thanks to tourists.

“On any given day in our 16th Street Mall store, we get about 80 percent of tourist customers,” Perino told The Cannabist, “In Aurora, it’s about 80 percent repeat customers.”

Last year’s marijuana sales (recreational and medical combined) topped out at $700 million for the state. As of earlier today, the war on drugs cost taxpayers $8 Billion dollars so far in 2015.

Maybe one of Colorado’s school kids can help politicians do the math on that one.

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