Racist ex-frat boys suing University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahmona’s now invalid SAE chapter is pursuing legal action against the school, and possibly University President David Boren, following the termination of the fraternity and expulsion of two of its members due to them being racist.

The unofficial organization of racists has hired high-profile attorney Stephen Jones, who previously has represented Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, to handle the lawsuit. He told local KFOR News that the group of racists is “outraged over President Boren shutting down the fraternity house and branding all SAE members as racists and bigots.” He continued:

… the two students who were expelled because of the incident have apologized sincerely for their remarks, and now the incident is being exploited.

… they lacked judgment in a social setting, but they should not be tarred and feathered as racists.

Because if there’s one thing that makes people empathize with privileged, racist, white young men, it’s when they insist they’re being treated unfairly and threaten to sue.

Meanwhile, in Seattle, the University of Washington is investigating their school’s chapter of SAE over allegations that several white members of the fraternity shouted racial slurs at black students during a Black Lives Matter protest last month. The chapter’s president says that he has already investigated the issue and that the racist remarks came from non-members.*

*i.e.: He probably already got a hold of the cell footage and deleted that shit.

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