Meth lab found inside Walmart restroom

Employees of a Muncie, Indiana, Walmart got suspicious when they discovered an unattended backpack in the bathroom and quickly called the cops. When the cops arrived, they discovered an active meth lab inside the backpack. Both restrooms have been completely cleaned, and the lab and chemicals removed by authorities.

Of course, it’s not that shocking to see the words “meth lab” and “Walmart” in the same sentence. (Or, for that matter, it’s probably equally innocuous these days to run across a Wallyworld news headline that involves jacking off.) But the fact that a fully functioning meth lab was inside a backpack is starting to make me question everything I knew to be true because of “Breaking Bad.” I’m kind of less impressed with Walter White now, because while he had to tent houses and cook in a shitty camper, some idiot invented a totally portable drug manufacturing plant┬áthat fits inside a backpack.

Also, up until this moment, I really thought that Muncie was a made-up city from “Parks and Rec” that Jerry Gergich and his wife Gayle loved to vacation in. I’ve learned so much from this post.



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