Indian wedding called off after groom fails to solve simple math problem

Quick test: 15+6=

If you answered 21 and are anywhere near Rasoolabad village in India, the love or your life may be waiting for you.

An Indian groom-to-be was left standing at the alter after his would-be bride posed that very problem to him and he responded with 17. This was an arranged marriage, a common practice in India, so the two didn’t really get to spend a whole lot of “getting to know you” time before the ceremony was to take place.

The bride’s family was understandably upset about the lack of transparency from the groom’s family regarding his level of education, which I’m guessing is none.

The last time something like this happened, the bride just picked another groom from the pool of wedding guests and went ahead with the ceremony. Sadly, no such thing happened this time and the wedding was simply called off.

This could set a good precedent moving forward though. All marriage applicants will have to pass some sort of test before anything is approved. This way we keep everybody happy and don’t accidentally weaken the gene pool and oops I’m advocating for eugenics never mind.

Stay in school kids!

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