Yesterday’s best tweets that had nothing to do with pi

Yesterday’s date was March 14, 2015. It was not, despite what your high school math teacher or anybody on social media would have you believe, a holiday in any sense of the word. Occasionally, numbers line up and they sort of end up looking like other numbers. Of course, because some people wrote yesterday’s date as 3/14/15 and the first five digits of pi happen to be 3.1415, many decided that yesterday was an extra special version what has become known as pi day. Some people going so far as to say that the real magic would happen at 9:26:53 AM (again, because numbers).

Grow up, everybody. Most people probably have no recollection of what pi even is. They know it has something to do with circles, and that’s about as far as it goes. Oh, and the people who “celebrate” with pie? You can have pie whenever you want. Go to your nearest grocery store. I bet you there’s literally a table full of assorted pies right now. Those aren’t special leftover pi day pies. They’re always there. Just eat pie if you want it.

To celebrate the conclusion of that awful day, here are some tweets from yesterday that completely failed to mention it at all.

Indeed it is Ben, and it has nothing to do with the fact that they write dates 14-3-15, making yesterday just another day in March.

Did you guys even know yesterday was Einstein’s birthday?

Phallic pancakes? Yes please!

Oh ho ho. A bold bit of commentary here. Spot on. Well played.

While I hate the phrase man cave, I am in favor of this plan. It makes watching March Madness way easier.

I don’t know what this mean, but it made me chuckle, so on the list it goes!

David Crosby honestly answering a question that was just a Seinfeld reference? That’s A+ work, if you ask me.

I considered excluding this one because it could have been a coded reference to circles and pi with the X-Box 360, but I’ll give Andrew here the benefit of the doubt.

Interested but definitely not going is my RSVP status for every event, ever.

OH NO! Couldn’t they have waited until today to tell him. The ides of March is a much better day to break bad news.

Jay is Canadian and he’s in Europe. DOES HE EVEN KNOW ABOUT PI DAY!?

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