Irish politician worried gay marriage will lead to Mother’s Day ban

Earlier today, Irish senator Fidelma Healy Eames decided to send out a nice holiday greeting to her twitter followers, while also making it very clear where she stands on the whole same-sex marriage issue.

If you’re confused about this, keep in mind Mother’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent in Ireland, which would be today.

Of course, anybody who doesn’t spend their entire day watching Fox News is probably aware that what she’s saying is both crazy and blatantly false. Many people have called her out on twitter for this, prompting her to tweet this out in her own defense:

While I have to admit her hashtag game is on point, there are a few issues with this tweet. First of all, she said states, which has somehow now been reduced to two very specific schools. Those are very different things. The high school I went to banned flip-flops but it was still legal to wear them in the country as a whole. Oh, also, since when is Nova Scotia in the U.S.?

Then there’s the fact that there really isn’t any logic behind this. Even if these two random schools banned celebrations of Mother’s Day (there’s no source or name for the schools so, who knows?) what does that have to do with gay marriage? Gay parents are still called mothers and fathers so the holiday still gets to exist.

I know it seems silly to parse through the logic of two crazy tweets, but the issue here is that this is coming from a politician. These are the people responsible for actually making laws. It’s terrifying that someone would deny people basic rights because they once heard that a school on a different continent doesn’t give a shit about Mother’s Day.

[h/t Entertainment]