Man crowdfunds trip to Miami to save relationship from spring break

Love can make you do crazy things. As can jealousy and blatant mistrust. Such is the case for Azel Prather Jr. who is very concerned that his 22-year-old girlfriend will make some terrible mistakes while on spring break in Miami. As such, the 25-year-old has taken to the crowdfunding site GoFundMe to finance his own trip to South Beach.

Prather explains his reasoning on the GoFundMe page:

Greetings people! As you know, spring break is fastly approaching and my youngin (pictured above) and her friends are going to Miami. If you know anything about Miami, you know that she shouldn’t go without a chaperone. I need to get there to be with her and share this joyous time but my funds have been exhausted. We have a great thing going and I would hate to see it go down the drain for a little sand and sun. If you can find it in your heart to donate ANYTHING to help save my relationship I would greatly appreciate it. I just need a round trip flight. I will be staying wherever she lays her head, eating whatever she eats, and overseeing all parties and fun activitiy for the duration of the trip. I thank you in advance. Please fellas, I love her.

It’s weird that he would consider himself a chaperon in this situation, as opposed to, say, a person who would also be going on vacation, but I suppose that’s the least of his problems. His incredible lack of trust and terrifying insecurity seem like more important issues to tackle.

Prather’s goal was $300, and it looked like the trip was going to be be tragically underfunded until a Washington Post piece was published making fun of the campaign. After getting the wide exposure such a publication has to offer, the campaign very quickly surpassed it’s target.

Hopefully Prather provides constant updates about how happy his girl is that she now has a watchful protector following her every move during her break.

[h/t Washington Post]