Woman lights cigarette on plane, has total meltdown

On a Saturday flight from Nicaragua to Miami, a Redditor who goes by the handle Upsidedowndog shared the story about the woman in the below video clips, which are now making their way across the web. “She began to yell and ‘protest’ on the flight about the United State‚Äôs invasion of Venezuela, how the great Hugo Chavez was a friend to the USA, and how Obama kills people on Tuesdays,” Upsidedowndog wrote. “Eventually the flight attendants came over and gave her an ultimatum: Stop yelling like a psycho or the police will be waiting on the tarmac.”

Another video was taken where the woman does her best Sarah Connor impression — something having to do with Venezuela being “declared a national security threat.”

“You’re a national security threat,” one passenger spits back.

Police supposedly escorted her off of the plane.

[h/t Daily Dot]