Introducing: Stefan Sirucek, Staff Writer

Back in February 2010, Stefan Sirucek had the flu while visiting his parents in Massachusetts. Rather than spending that Saturday evening with the folks who spent their hard-earned dollars to send him to school, Sirucek flipped on the TV and fought through a haze of snot and disillusionment to watch Sarah Palin give a speech. There, he stayed glued to his laptop and, for the sam-hell of it, started live-tweeting (for free, like every other sucker) about Palin’s pep talk in Nashville at some kind of monster truck rally for Tea Partiers.

It was at this right-winger orgy that Palin famously criticized President Obama for using a teleprompter; when, in fact, as Sirucek had pointed out after enlarging an AP photo of the former governor, Palin had notes in magic marker written on the palm of her hand. “The notes most likely weren’t for her speech,” Sirucek wrote after breaking the news about Palm-Gate, “but for the Q&A session that followed. But in my opinion that’s even worse … This presidential contender apparently can’t remember her supposed core principles and needs a cheat-sheet when simply asked about her beliefs.”

Why nobody hired Sirucek after that legit Palin burn right then and there, who knows? He kept on with the freelance action at sites like Someecards, Nerve and NatGeo while bouncing around Boston, Berlin and New York. As for Death and Taxes, we honestly didn’t know the kid existed until last year. The thing that tickled our tuchises from his contributions to our site was this observation about the jaw-dropping friendliness of the Icelandic Police. Since, it’s been nothing but hard-nosed negotiations between SpinMedia and Sirucek, getting him to cave to “reasonable” terms.

Today is his first day as a full-time staff writer with us. I can’t believe it took this long, to be honest, but I’m grateful to finally have him aboard and posting frequently/non-stop. Also, a necessary (but not obligatory) plug for his Twitter feed — some good stuff churns outta that thing. Say hi to him on there.

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