Hillary Clinton’s old ‘Forrest Gump’ spoof resurfaces

If you’ve ever wished you could hear Hillary Clinton say the words “deep throat,” then today’s your lucky day. This is easily the greatest and weirdest four minutes and 45 seconds of your life. Back in 1995, Clinton starred in this Forrest Gump spoof for the Gridiron Club Dinner. How she wasn’t elected President for Life right after this beats me, because this video is reason alone to elect someone to the country’s highest office. I’m really hoping all of Clinton’s 2016 campaign ads are just a slew of current movie spoofs.

The video is chock-full of puns and glamorous wig changes (I’m partial to Hippy Hillary) while she recalls a fictionalized version of her life to a stranger sitting on a park bench in front of the White House.

Clinton’s bench buddy eventually grabs the next bus out of dodge, leaving her all by her lonesome with a box of chocolates. But low and behold,┬áthe 42nd president takes a seat next to his better half and raises the skit to epic ironic enjoyment by sharing French fries.

[E!| Top image: Happy Place]

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