Buzzkill data scientist maps most ‘efficient’ road trip route across U.S.

The days of just hopping into your old jalopy with some good friends, a 10-gallon drum of dill pickles, and an Eagles mixtape for a cross-country road trip are gone, amigos.

That’s because a data scientist named Randy Olson has created a map that uses mathematical modeling to generate the most efficient way to ramble across the US of A from stem to stern.

Olson used something called a “genetic algorithm” which starts off with a random solution and then refines itself. And as a result the mysterious has been demystified. The je ne sais quoi has been sais quoied. You thought a road trip couldn’t be reduced to a math problem? Well they Nate Silvered that shit. Because these days everything must be quantified. Optimized.

Even fun.

The route devised by Olson ensures that anal-retentive road-trippers visit all 48 contiguous states, taking in as many national parks, monuments, and landmarks as mathematically possible. If you like to be spontaneous and take life as it comes this may well sound like your own private hell. But who needs spontaneity when you have an algorithm?

You wouldn’t want to miss the world’s biggest ball of twine in Cawker City, Kansas… would you?


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