Trailer for Paula Deen’s video game confirms she’s still a nutbar

If all you knew about Paula Deen was that she uses butter even more than she uses the N-word here’s a third thing: She has a video game coming out for some reason.

We know this because a trailer for the game, which is called “Paula Deen’s Recipe Quest,” has been released which features everything from wacky music, super slow-motion egg-breaking, and Deen apparently screaming in ecstasy while alone in a kitchen. It doesn’t say much about what the game, which will be available for tablets and smartphones, actually entails but it is, in its way, a piece of modern art.

So let Paula give you the crazy eyes while slowly crossing milk streams and check out Kotaku for more .gifs like these to haunt your dreams.


[Kotaku|Image: Tech Raptor]