Obamacare is working whether Republicans like it or not

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, came into the world fighting. As the flagship legislation of a popular Democratic president the bill was fiercely targeted by the right and often the political climate was so hostile it seemed it would never become a reality. And yet it limped across the finish line.

Now the ACA, despite being much-maligned, criticized, and mocked for its early website problems, is a real thing helping real people. Lots of people. Its critics may not like it but Obamacare is working.

As The Guardian reported:

A total of 14.1 million adults are thought to have gained insurance since the act – known as Obamacare – went into full effect in October 2013, with a further 2.3 million younger adults benefitting from new rules that allow those aged 19-25 to remain on their parents’ insurance plans.

Together these net gains have reduced the national uninsured rate from 20.3% to 13.2%, or a total of 16.4 million people, based on government analysis of recent survey data.

With the Supreme Court currently considering a challenge from the laws opponents,the Affordable Care Act’s haters will most likely go on hating, but reality tells a different story.

Of course, as we all know, reality has a well-known liberal bias. 

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