Jimmy Kimmel proves that people will believe any lie about Obama

Here’s the thing about getting caught in a situation where you’re pressed to comment on current events; no one wants to look stupid or uninformed. Usually, the tactic is to and kind of “yes, and” your way out of a conversation where you’re expected to be somewhat aware of front page news and just accept that every fact that is being presented to you by the more informed party can be accepted at face value.

The thing about not wanting to looks stupid is that often times, playing along makes you look stupid. In honor of President Obama’s visit to “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Kimmel sent his Lie Witness crew out to see who would corroborate a bunch of outlandish lies about the president. No, not the ones that he’s a communist Muslim. These are more along the lines of a bogus controversy over whether President Obama and his wife Michelle should circumcise their newborn baby son Marcus. You’ve all seen pics of little Marcus, right? He’s adorable.

[h/t Gawker]