In Thailand, underboob selfies could land you in prison

Like every country, Thailand is a land of contradiction. On one hand, the country is known for its hedonistic nightlife and booming sex tourism industry. On the other, the Thai government is constantly trying to impose strict censorship on media in addition to promoting traditional values to its citizenry, like when the Culture Ministry’s Moral Promotion Center launched a social media campaign to keep people from having sex on Valentine’s Day.

The Thai government takes morality really seriously, which is why it is levying a prison sentence for up to five years for any women caught taking selfie snaps of their “underboob,” otherwise known as the inverted cleavage visible from the bottom of a really short shirt. According to The Guardian, the military government is arguing that the underboob pictures, which are allegedly popular on social media, violates Thailand’s computer crimes act 2007, effectively making the taking and sharing of the pictures a computer crime.

Of course, the language in the law is a little vague, extending to any electronic material that could “damage to the country’s security or causes public panic” or “any obscene computer data which is accessible to the public.”

By that reasoning, a hint of boob is obscene computer data that could cause public panic. Sure.

Of course, there’s the Thai government takes into account that it might not even be able to identify the offending underboob flasher in the pics if the face is cropped out.

“When people take these ‘underboob selfies’ no one can see their faces,” ministry spokesman Anandha Chouchoti said via The Guardian. “So it’s like, we don’t know who these belong to, and it encourages others to do the same. We can only warn people to not take it up. They are inappropriate actions.”

Right, that’s the problem. When you take a risqué shot of your boobs, then everyone takes a revealing underboob shot and the next thing you know, it’s boob anarchy.

Still, I’ve watched enough “Locked Up Abroad” to know that Thai prisons are no jokes. So, if you’re gonna take that sexy photo on your beach vacation, just take a shot of regular old non-offensive cleavage from the top of your boobs.

[The Guardian| Image: @underboobs]