Snake’s head liberated from beer can

This St. Patrick’s Day we bring you the story of a Ian and Corey Renton, the proprietors of the Australian service Snakes Away, who drove a snake out of a beer can. Given what we already know of Australia, snakes can pretty much turn up anywhere, like, say, in a box of corn flakes.

Fortunately, the cereal python wasn’t venomous, but the Eastern Brown snake that turned up in a suburban Adelaide backyard was another matter entirely. However, the snake couldn’t bite Lauren Lehman, the woman who discovered it, because its head was jammed into a beer can.

“I screamed, I cried, I felt sick, I didn’t know what to do,” Lehman told 9 News.

Sounds about right.

Then she did the reasonable thing and called the service Snakes Away, because of course Australia would have a snake removal service. That’s when Ian Renton and his son Corey showed up to cut the snake’s head out of the beer can and send the little guy on its way. Naturally, there’s video of the delicate procedure.

“I’m now going to try and cut his head free and hopefully I can do this without getting bitten,” Corey Renton says in the video.

Spoiler alert: he lives another day.

[h/t Arbroath]