News anchor’s ‘phallic neckline’ brings out the dick in all of us

When Australian news anchor Natarsha Belling was selecting her jacket for a recent broadcast she probably didn’t think too much about it. Her top was nice. It was green.

There were only two problems:

1) Her neckline vaguely looked like a dick.

2) The internet exists.

So because the internet is as puerile as it is penile sharp-eyed observers quickly pounced upon the resemblance, liking a photo of the broadcast over 100,000 times and dramatically claiming that they “couldn’t unsee it.”

This is why we can’t have nice things. But it’s the deal we’ve struck with the ferociously masticating web devil that rules us all. The internet giveth lolz and it taketh away…uh…idk…….like……..……..brain cells probably.

At least we got the phrase “phallic neckline” out of this mini fiasco.

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