Police say neighborhood’s naked man within his rights

A picturesque neighborhood in Charlotte, North Carolina, has made the news due to one local resident who has the interesting habit of lounging in his doorway fully nude, in plain view of neighbors and passersby. Talk about a cul-de-sac.

Police say there’s nothing they can do about the neighborhood nudist since being naked on private property is not illegal in North Carolina. As such the man has been lounging nude for a decade and people are fed up.

Peeved neighbors say it’s been the same old dong for 10 years now and they’ve had enough, saying that the man even has cell phone conversations in all his glory. (Calls during which he’s hopefully mail ordering pants.) Some parents told WBTV that they won’t even let their children play outside anymore for fear of all the wang they might see.

This is a tough one. One the one hand that might not be something you especially want to see while teaching your kids how to ride their bike without training wheels…

On the other hand it’s his house.


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