Hero prostitute kills abusive pimp, impersonates him on Facebook

Here’s one for all you bloodthirsty misandrists out there. An English prostitute named June Buttle, 56, has been sentenced to 16 years in prison after police discovered she’d murdered her pimp/boyfriend Thomas Groome, 54, then signed into his Facebook account to make it look like he’d run away to Portugal. Sneaky!

According to The Daily Mail, Buttle conspired with her son Jason Thaxter to murder Groome back in 2010 after he was awarded 150,000 euros in a court settlement.

Mr. Groome had been in a long-term relationship with Buttle, but the court heard that it was sexually abusive, and that Mr. Groome had often forced her into prostitution.

On New Year’s Day 2010, Buttle and her son, Jason Thaxter, beat Mr Groome over the head with two pieces of wood, before rolling his body up in a carpet, the court heard.
It is not known exactly what became of the body, but Buttle is reported to have told friends that Mr Thaxter cut the corpse into pieces before burning it on a bonfire.

According to her snitching friends, Buttle was happy with her choice of break-up method:

Investigators eventually contacted Buttle’s friend John Ward, with whom she lived, and Lorraine Kelly, who said she had confessed to the killing.
Mr Ward told officers: ‘She said: “We just gave him the one, two, three. We banged him with a baseball bat and he’s been put on a bonfire.”’
Miss Kelly added: ‘She told me: “All men are bastards. I sorted that bastard. He was a hard bastard to get down but Jason and I got him down.”
“He’s cut up and in bits in bins. No-one will ever find him. He’s in bins, burned and cut up.”’

You go, girl.

Lest anyone find her former associate’s disappearance suspicious, Buttle signed into his Facebook account and posted updates about how he was totally not murdered and living it up as a single guy in Portugal:

Posts she wrote on his page read: ‘Never want to return to England or Ireland, too many bad memories’ and ‘Enjoying my freedom now I’m single.’

This went on for the very respectable time span of five years before anyone realized it wasn’t him (or maybe the English just don’t like to pry).

Unfortunately for the enterprising man slayer, Groome’s benefit money was being stored in a separate bank account in Ireland that was impervious even to a criminal mastermind such as herself:

Over the next few months she took £800 from Mr Groome, including £400 taken from his body, but was unable to get her hands on the larger haul.
In desperation she persuaded another man to go to Ireland and pose as Mr Groome, saying he had lost his debit card, in order to access the money, but failed.

Cops began investigating Buttle as a suspect after Groome’s family grew frustrated that they couldn’t contact him. Nearly £1million and 100 police officers later, they unraveled her devious plot and apprehended her, with a judge eventually giving her the polite, British sentence of 16 years.

Let this be a lesson to all you penis-wielding scum out there: if you raise a hand to us (or maybe just have a bunch of money that we want), we will not hesitate to sort you into bins, burned and cut up, then read your Facebook messages and allow people to tag you in unflattering pictures.


[h/t The Daily Mail|Image: South Yorkshire Police]