McDonald’s treats employee burns with condiments, says survey

Fast food workers across the country have united to protest low wages and unsafe working conditions. In addition to fighting for a wage increase of $15 per hour,  the union-backed group Fast Food Forward has filed 28 health and safety complaints against the fast food giant in 19 cities. The complaints allege that by forcing their employees to work fast, even while understaffed, McDonald’s created an unsafe work environment that led to injury.

One such claim is that McDonald’s told employees to use ketchup, mustard or mayo to treat burns.  Allegedly 33% of employees were told that using condiments as first aid was a-ok, according to a survey by Hart Research Associates.

The news is surprising considering how notoriously stingy the chain has become when you ask for extra packets of ketchup, even charging in many locations in New York City. It turns out that extra ketchup fee is basically the customer subsidizing employee healthcare.

This is stupid for a number of reasons, but most of all because it’s 2015 and the whole “put mayo on your burn” was proven to be an old wives tale forever ago.

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